SoToxa™ Oral Fluid Mobile Test System

The SoToxa™ Oral Fluid Mobile Test System is designed for rapid drug screening and detection in oral fluid. With test results in minutes, this handheld analyser is lightweight, compact, and easy to use—convenient for drug screening at the roadside in any type of vehicle or in the workplace.

The SoToxa™ Oral Fluid Mobile Test System complies with the requirements of AS/NZS4760:2019 Appendix C as tested and verified by an independent laboratory.

SoToxa Mobile Test System

Robust Design

The SoToxa™ Oral Fluid Mobile Test System was developed to meet the high performance demands of law enforcement agencies and workplaces.

Reliable Results

The SoToxa™ Oral Fluid Mobile Test System combines rapid drug screening and accurate result interpretation. With system analysis printouts on location, the system eliminates subjectivity and misinterpretation of test results for greater reliability.

Easy To Use

With an intuitive test process, the SoToxa™ Oral Fluid Mobile Test System is incredibly easy to use in any environment. The system is lightweight, portable and compact with a full color screen, readable day and night.

Simple Collection Process

Rapid oral fluid collections are easy to obtain while in the field and less invasive than urine or blood sampling. The observed collection process limits adulteration and tampering concerns.

Manage Results

The analyser can store over 10,000 results which can be printed at the end of the test or reprinted from memory.

Helpful Documents

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The SoToxa™ Oral Fluid Mobile Test System is available with a six or seven panel test cartridge.

Drug Class

Cutoff (ng/mL)





Cannabis (THC)








Product Code

SoToxa™ Oral Fluid Mobile Test System
SoToxa™ Oral Fluid Mobile Test System
SoToxa™ Oral Fluid Test Cartridge 7 Panel (AMP/BZO/COC/MAMP/OPI/OXY/THC)TOX420FWO
SoToxa™ Oral Fluid Test Cartridge 6 Panel (AMP/COC/MAMP/OPI/OXY/THC)   TOX421FWO

* Codes are subject to change dependent on market requirements. Please verify with your local representative.

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