Good employee health management reduces sickness absence, enhances productivity and contributes to increased staff morale.

Encouraging your workforce to actively engage in their health, our Employee Wellbeing Programmes create awareness of common health issues and outline simple ways for individuals to lead healthier lifestyles.

Our clinical teams will support and conduct your chosen programme, e.g. ‘Health Essentials’ checks (using quick diagnostic tools to address key areas for health and wellness concern), Wellbeing Days/Fairs. We can also capture data through these assessments which will give an organisational health profile. This enables focused, appropriate health education and programmes to meet the health needs of your employees, whilst supporting public health targets.

Internal ‘positive health’ promotion campaigns can be developed in line with your programme, raising awareness of work related ill health issues and giving general lifestyle advice.

Employee Health And Wellbeing

Our Wellbeing programmes are an innovative way to get your employees interested and engaged in their health and wellbeing at work.  Delivered by our nursing professionals, they can range from the most basic mini-health checks to more bespoke programmes to help inspire a healthier workforce.  In addition, our extensive network of professionals – such as physiotherapists, lifestyle coaches, mental health professionals, alternative therapists - ensure we are well equipped to advise on all lifestyle issues associated with positive health.

Mini-health checks conducted at your workplace using quick diagnostic tools to look at key areas for health and wellness concern, such as blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, waist circumference, dyslipidemia (cardiovascular health risk), glucose, pulse and general health/lifestyle mini questionnaire.

Provision of various health assessments and guidance on wellbeing, lifestyle and general health information. This could either take place as a voluntary attendance programme for employees or be put in place with scheduled appointments. Diagnostic results taken during any of our wellbeing programmes will be recorded by our professionals, which can then be taken to the person’s own GP or consultant to ensure continuity of care.  Active anonymous reporting can also be produced following each Health Fair, enabling you to analyse trends, considering at all times the need to make a positive impact on your business.

Where employees have been away from work on long-term sick absence, our Occupational Health Clinicians provide a full fitness to return to work assessment for individual employees. Working in partnership with your company, we can also develop protocols for managing employees with on-going/complicated health issues.