Drug Treatment Solutions

Our end-to-end testing services allow you to make informed clinical decisions by identifying or ruling out the presence of drugs and alcohol. Our comprehensive range of rapid screening devices and laboratory tests enable quick decision-making, which safeguards both patients and clients.

The scale of our operations gives us a multidisciplinary and connected point of view whilst long-standing industry relationships have assisted us in configuring our services to meet the standards and protocols of criminal justice, social services, public health and NHS clients.

Dedicated experts are available to support you in all aspects of our product and service delivery by sharing industry best practices, providing detailed cross reactivity data and conveying detailed technical information.

Lab Services

Drug Testing

We are keenly aware of the different drug testing requirements that are needed throughout the stages of change, from testing to support drug treatment to use in a Criminal Justice setting. Our oral fluid, hair and urine laboratories hold the appropriate accreditations and our point-of-care devices are manufacturered under strict quality procedures.

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Verum™ Panel

The Verum™ Panel delivers laboratory conducted oral fluid testing for drugs that were previously undetectable, identifying donor undeclared drug use. 

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Other Services

Blood Borne Virus Testing

It is crucial that those in high-risk groups, such as intravenous drug users, are tested regularly for blood borne viruses so that appropriate treatment decisions can be made. Our dried blood spot testing service provides a simple, quick, cost-effective method for regular screening whilst increasing uptake in groups where whole blood samples are less popular.

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Screening Devices

Alcohol testing

If your treatment programme requires sobriety, then our range of accurate and robust handheld alcohol detection products are highly recommended. They are quickly deployed, require minimal training and can give immediate and defensible results by gauging breath alcohol content (BrAC) in a deep lung air sample.

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