Verum™ Panel

A new way to do Laboratory Oral Fluid Drug Testing

The Verum™ Panel delivers laboratory conducted oral fluid testing for drugs that were previously undetectable, identifying donor undeclared drug use. 


Created to ensure customers can detect new drug-use trends and keep up with a rapidly changing illicit drug market, the testing panel spans 50+ drugs and metabolites, including New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).

Verum Gives You

  • Provision of previously unavailable data to feed into treatment plans
  • Faster treatment decisions by uncovering multi-drug use with one test
  • Cost savings from refined treatment plans leading to targeted resource allocation
  • Streamlined processes for testing removing the need to screen and confirm
  • Ability to identify prescription compliance or misuse
  • Unequivocal results from a broad drug panel

Informed Decisions

This wider panel provides more data to make informed decisions to minimise the risk when prescribing/determining treatment in order to improve donor safety. All of this with just one sample, one step and one panel, leading to faster treatment decisions.

50+ 50+ 50+

Drug and metabolites available for testing with Verum

23% 23% 23%

Increase in drug detections with Verum in comparison to traditional tests

16 16 16

Drugs and/or metabolites detected were previously not available using traditional laboratory tests

11% 11% 11%

Increase in number of positive samples

74% 74% 74%

Of samples were positive for at least one drug or metabolite

Streamlined Process With One Step Testing

infographic infographic infographic

THE PANEL includes approximately 50 drugs within the following drug groups:



Illicit sedatives and opioids


Gabapentinoids and prescription only sedatives



All Data You Need Upfront For Treatment Planning

Get in touch to discuss how Verum can benefit your business.


The percentages and numbers displayed in the ‘Informed Decision’ section of this page are generated from data for oral fluid samples received at our laboratory and testing for the Verum Panel between March 2019 and February 2020.

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