Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) Dried Blood Spot Test

 An Accurate Alcohol test To Support The Assessment Of Alcohol Consumption

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PEth is a specific alcohol biomarker formed in blood following the consumption of alcohol. Its presence can indicate the consumption of alcohol within approximately 28 days prior to testing. A PEth test is highly specific and results can aid in distinguishing between light, moderate and heavy alcohol users based on the concentration detected.

Get a quote for a PEth alcohol test today.

How it works

Family law drug and alcohol testing is important to ensure child protection from detrimental effects and to ensure the whole family have a quality of life they deserve.  When determining drinking behaviour in family law cases, it is useful to differentiate between recent excessive consumption and longer term misuse. Whilst longer term misuse is generally assessed by a hair test, more recent excessive alcohol consumption can be identified using the biomarker PEth by using a small amount of blood from a finger prick.

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  • Direct biomarker to identify excessive alcohol consumption within approximately 28 days prior to testing
  • Able to differentiate between light, moderate and heavy consumption


  • Minimally invasive dry blood spot test
  • Nationwide collection team for assisted sampling if needed


  • Our family law services are trusted by courts since 1993
  • All testing is quality assured to international and industry standards

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