Urine Drugs of Abuse Laboratory Testing

Our objective is to help clients detect and prevent drug and alcohol abuse by providing convenient, reliable and accurate urine tests.


Our professional laboratory staff performs screening and confirmation with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. After initial screening for presumptive positives, quantitative/qualitative confirmation can be performed by gas chromatography-flame ionization detector, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, or liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.

  • Urine screening and confirmation with fast, accurate results
  • Wide range of drug test panels available
  • Lab analysis provides confirmative evidence of use and defensible results
  • Fast turnaround time from receipt of specimen
  • Toll-free customer support services with access to licensed toxicologists

Numerous report options available, including web-based test management solution for all clients

test types

Routine Testing

Abbott utilizes some of the most sophisticated, sensitive and specific equipment and technology available to screen, confirm and quantitate drugs of abuse in urine. Our methodologies provide highly accurate, legally defensible results. As with all of our testing options, full customer support is provided.

Standard Drug Tests

Screening and confirmation testing are performed using different methodologies that necessitate different cutoff levels. The cutoff levels of an immunoassay screen are typically higher than those of a more sensitive GC-MS or LC-MS/MS confirm test, because they screen for a larger group of parent compounds, metabolites and other structurally similar compounds.

If an immunoassay test detects a drug (above the screening cutoff level) the presumptive positive specimen may be sent to GC-MS or LC-MS/MS confirmation testing. Many times, these individual compounds are present in concentrations much lower than the total immunoassay response, thus resulting for the cutoff levels being lower for the GC-MS or LC-MS/MS test.

Amphetamines (Amphetamine/Methamphetamine)




Cocaine Metabolite (Benzoylecgonine)


Dextromethorphan (DXM)

Ecstasy (MDMA)


EtG /EtS

LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)

6-MAM (Heroin Metabolite)


Methadone Metabolite (EDD)



Opiates (Morphine and Codeine)





THC (Cannabinoids)

Synthetic/Esoteric Testing

We also offer a wide range of specialized tests including: comprehensive drug testing, designer stimulants (bath salts), ethyl glucuronide/ethyl sulfate (EtG/EtS), fentanyl, gabapentin, γ-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), kratom, steroid/sports drugs, synthetic cannabinoids, tramadol, and heroin/6-MAM.

Designer Stimulant Testing

Synthetic stimulants are produced in clandestine labs and sold online or available for purchase at smoke shops. Promoted as “bath salts”, “research chemicals” or “plant food”, product labeling attempts to circumvent regulation by suggesting they are not for human consumption. Additionally, some forms of designer stimulants may be sold as “legal” MDMA (Legal X), or sold and veiled as MDMA tablets.


(β-keto-N-methylbenzodioxolylpropylamine, bk-MBDB)


(Khat or Benzoylethanamine)

(3,4-methylenedioxy-N-ethylcathinone, MDEC, bk-MDEA)



(Methylbenzodioxolylbutanamine, Methyl-J, “Eden”)


(3,4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine, tenamfetamine)

(3,4-Methylenedioxy-N-ethylamphetamine, MDEA, MDE, “Eve”)

(3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, ecstasy, “E”, “X”)

(Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, Cloud 9, Ivory Wave, White Lightning)

(4-methylmethcathinone [4-MMC], 4-methylephedrone, “Meph”, “MCat”)

(α-methylamino-propiophenone, may be confused with Mephedrone)

([RS]-2-ethylamino-1-[4-methylphenyl]propan-1-one, “4-MEC”)

(3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylcathinone, bk-MDMA, MDMC, “M1”)



([RS]-1-phenyl-2-[1-pyrrolidinyl]-1-pentanone, PVP)

(3-Trifluoromethylphenylpiperazine, “Legal X”)

Synthetic Cannabinoids Urine Testing

We can confidently say we’re at the forefront of researching and identifying synthetic cannabinoids. We were one of the first labs in the world to develop a urine-based metabolite test for “synthetic marijuana".

Often up to 4 to 100 times stronger than marijuana, users turn to these herbal smoking products marketed under brand names such as K2, K3 Legal, Syn, Spice, and many others to avoid detection by standard drug tests.

5-fluoro-AB-PINACA (and/or metabolites)

5-fluoro-ADBICA (and/or metabolites)

5-fluoro-ADB-PINACA (and/or metabolites)

5-fluoro-AKB-48 (and/or metabolites)

5-fluoro-AMB (and/or metabolites)

5-fluoro-PB-22 (and/or metabolites)

AB-CHMINACA (and/or metabolites)

AB-FUBINACA (and/or metabolites)

AB-PINACA (and/or metabolites)

ADBICA (and/or metabolites)

ADB-PINACA (and/or metabolites)

AKB-48 (and/or metabolites)

AM-1248 (and/or metabolites)

AM-2201 (and/or metabolites)

AM-694 (and/or metabolites)

BB-22 (and/or metabolites)

FDU-PB-22 (and/or metabolites)

FUB-144 (and/or metabolites)

FUB-AMB (and/or metabolites)

FUB-PB-22 (and/or metabolites)

JWH-018 (and/or metabolites)

JWH-019 (and/or metabolites)

JWH-073 (and/or metabolites)

JWH-081 (and/or metabolites)

JWH-122 (and/or metabolites)

JWH-200 (and/or metabolites)

JWH-203 (and/or metabolites)

JWH-210 (and/or metabolites)

JWH-250 (and/or metabolites)

JWH-398 (and/or metabolites)

MAM-2201 (and/or metabolites)

PB-22 (and/or metabolites)

RCS-4 (and/or metabolites)

RCS-8 (and/or metabolites)

THJ-2201 (and/or metabolites)

UR-144 (and/or metabolites)

XLR-11 (and/or metabolites)

Comprehensive Drug Testing

Most people take medications responsibly; however, an estimated 52 million people have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons.1

Abbott’s Comprehensive Drug Test detects hundreds of brand name prescriptions, illicit drugs and alcohol. Our tests target a wide range of commonly abused prescriptions that pass most routine urine tests. Comprehensive Testing is perfect when specific drug detection and monitoring are critical. Demand more from your drug test.

Alcohol (Ethanol)

- Amphetamine
- Methamphetamine
- Methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA)
- Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
- Methylenedioxyethylamphetamine (MDEA)

- Carbamazepine
- 10,11-Dihydroxycarbazepine
- Oxcarbazepine
- 10-Hydroxycarbazepine

- Amitriptyline
- Nortriptyline
- Hydroxybupropion
- Citalopram/Escitalopram
- Desipramine
- Imipramine
- Doxepin
- Desmethyldoxepin
- Fluoxetine
- Norfluoxetine
- Maprotiline
- Paroxetine
- Sertraline
- Norsertraline
- mCPP
- Hydroxy-mCPP
- Trazodone
- Hydroxytrazodone
- Venlafaxine
- O-Desmethylvenlafaxine

- Amobarbital
- Butabarbital
- Butalbital
- Pentobarbital
- Phenobarbital
- Secobarbital

- alpha-Hydroxyalprazolam (Alprazolam)
- 7-Aminoclonazepam (Clonazepam)
- 7-Aminoflunitrazepam (Flunitrazepam)
- 2-Hydroxyethyl flurazepam (Flurazepam)
- Lorazepam
- alpha-Hydroxymidazolam (Midazolam)
- Nordiazepam
- Oxazepam
- Temazepam
- alpha-Hydroxytriazolam (Triazolam)



- Buprenorphine
- Norbuprenorphine
- Butorphanol
- Hydroxybutorphanol
- Codeine
- Fentanyl
- Hydrocodone
- Hydromorphone
- Ketamine
- Norketamine
- Dehydronorketamine
- Normeperidine
- Methadone
- Methadone Metabolite (EDDP)
- Morphine
- Nalbuphine
- Noroxycodone
- Oxycodone
- Oxymorphone
- Pentazocine
- Propoxyphene
- Norpropoxyphene
- Tramadol
- O-Desmethyl-cis-Tramadol

Phencyclidine (PCP)

Sedative/Hypnotic Agents
- Carisoprodol
- Meprobamate
- Zolpidem
- Carboxyzolpidem

THC (Marijuana)
- THC-COOH (Marijuana)
- THC-COOH/Creatinine Ratio

1. Volkow ND. National Institute on Drug Abuse: Prescription Drugs—Abuse and Addiction [letter]. NIDA Research Report Series. https://www.drugabuse.gov/sites/default/files/rxreportfinalprint.pdf [pdf 6.79 MB]

EtG/EtS Alcohol Metabolite Testing

EtG is a direct metabolite of alcohol (ethanol). Its presence in urine may be used to detect recent ethanol ingestion, even after ethanol is no longer measurable. The presence of EtG in urine is an indicator that ethanol was ingested and can be detected in urine for up to 80 hours after ingestion.

In addition to EtG, scientific studies have identified ethyl sulfate (EtS) as a second specific metabolite or biomarker of ethanol. For this reason, Abbott tests and reports EtS, in conjunction with EtG, to confirm recent ethanol ingestion or exposure. The detection of EtG and EtS offers greater sensitivity and accuracy for determination of recent ethanol ingestion, than by detection of either biomarker alone.

Fentanyl Drug Testing

Fentanyl and its analogs are extremely fast-acting synthetic narcotic analgesics, of high potency. These drugs have similar dependency properties to that of morphine. Fentanyl and its derivatives have become a public health crisis over the last several years due to increased presence of illicit fentanyl and the addition of illicit fentanyl and fentanyl derivatives to heroin.

Fentanyl use, originally for chronic pain, has increased in illicit street use and among healthcare workers due to the drug's euphoric effects and easy availability.


4'-Methylacetyl fentanyl

Acetyl fentanyl

Acetyl norfentanyl

Acryl fentanyl


alpha-Methylacetyl fentanyl

alpha-Methyl fentanyl

beta-Hydroxythio fentanyl

Butyryl fentanyl

Butyryl norfentanyl


cis-3-Methyl fentanyl

Cyclopentyl fentanyl

Cyclopropyl fentanyl

para-Fluorobutyryl fentanyl


Fluoroisobutyryl fentanyl

Fluoro fentanyl

Furanyl fentanyl

Furanyl norfentanyl

Isobutyryl fentanyl

Methoxyacetyl fentanyl



para-Chloroisobutyryl fentanyl

para-Methoxybutyryl fentanyl

Tetrahydrofuranyl fentanyl

Valeryl fentanyl

GHB Testing

GHB is typically associated with sexual assault or as a "date rape" drug due to its severe hypnotic and sedative effects at higher dosages. Typical illicit use of GHB involves dissolving 2-3 grams of powder in beverages.

Kratom Drug Testing

While currently not restricted under the Controlled Substances Act, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) lists Kratom as a Drug and Chemical of Concern. Kratom (Mitragynine) is currently promoted on numerous websites as a legal, medicinal plant with psychoactive properties.

Despite being sold as a "natural" and "legal" high, Kratom is known to be a dangerous and addictive drug. Cases of "Kratom psychosis" in addicts, including hallucinations, delusions and confusion, have been documented.

Steroid/Sports Drug Testing

Abbott has developed a comprehensive and affordable steroid panel that is comparable to WADA1. Our steroid test is ideal for sports organizations, colleges and high schools, corrections and law enforcement, and health agencies2. Abbott offers the same high quality test results for steroids as we do for urine and oral fluid drug testing.

1 World Anti-Doping Agency

2. Compliance with Abbott Santa Rosa non-pretesting policy is required