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Workplace Screening

With a proven history of dependability, Abbott is your trusted partner for substance abuse testing and occupational health services that help you achieve a safe, healthy, productive and admirable workplace.

After more than 30 years of improvement, overall drug and alcohol positivity rates are now increasing again in the North American workforce. Workplace safety and the increased incremental costs of drug users are the chief concerns for employers.  These employers are now facing new challenges in their programs such as the relevancy of the drug to test and the evolving methods of testing for detection, deterrence and impairment.

Much of the conversation is about marijuana, but the issue is far greater than just one drug.  Marijuana use leads to higher absenteeism and increased accidents and injuries.  Amphetamine positivity rates have increased steadily since 2012, climbing 33 percent over that time. Drug users have been shown to have higher annual benefits utilization rates versus non-drug users.

The industry dynamics for drugs and alcohol is changing in response to the shifting narrative that surrounds substance abuse testing.  In times of uncertainty, change must be embraced and the availability of reliable resources and trusted advisors is critical.

Whether you are considering managing your testing program with rapid screening devices, a laboratory screening and confirmation service, or a manged electronic solution like our expanded panel instrumented screening, we provide the support and information necessary to implement and manage your unique program.

If you would like to inquire about our Workplace products and services, please call (800) 340 4029.