Collection Site Management

Our dedicated Collection Site Management department maintains a vast network of reliable collection sites worldwide. More than 10,000 active, preferred and clinical service centers are available to accommodate your substance abuse testing and occupational health needs. 


Administrative Advantages

These knowledgeable, experienced providers follow all established regulatory guidelines to maintain proper collection procedures and ensure specimen integrity. Many of these sites can also provide breath alcohol testing, pre-employment, random and post-accident screening as well as physicals and occupational health programs.

The specimen collection process is one of the most visible aspects of a substance abuse testing program, and collections performed improperly can compromise the forensic defensibility of test results. To ensure consistency and compliance, all collection sites in our network must submit certification documents and a service agreement for review. Once we review and approve a collection site, it is then added to our network according to price, services offered, qualifications/certifications, ability to meet the needs of our clientele, professional associations, reputation and client feedback.

We match these collection sites to each client based upon location and requirement. From scheduling an individual collection at a clinic to arranging multiple on-site collections, the Collection Site Management department works with clients daily to find conveniently located providers within our global network that can fulfill all service requests. In addition to locating the sites, we will manage all aspects of the Collection Site Management program, including account setup, and addressing any issues with the locations.


Financial And Accounting Benefits

In addition to the administrative advantages of our Collection Site Management, your company will also realize financial and accounting benefits. We usually have more favorable rates for service based upon our volume discounts. By overseeing your services, we are able to pass these discounts on to you. For instance, you and your staff will not be required to establish individual relationships with each site, receive multiple bills, or contend with a site if a concern arises. Instead, you will receive one itemized bill from us for services, while our dedicated staff maintains a positive working relationship with each collection site to ensure your needs are consistently being met.

Thousands of our clients currently take advantage of the Collection Site Management services for their employment testing, including large multi-state companies, state governments, municipalities, unions, health care providers, building contractors and school systems.

Some of the benefits of our Collection Site Management program include:

  • Dedicated departmental representatives to answer all account concerns via phone, fax and email
  • Customized setup for all accounts, protocols and billing procedures
  • Experienced oversight of service-oriented collection sites to include one-time or long-term use, occupational medicine services, mobile/on-site services and after-hours services
  • Consolidated billing from a single source at discounted rates
  • Better ability to budget and forecast expenses by having fixed costs for your substance abuse testing program